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Online Tutoring

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Online Tutoring Program

Our online tutoring is for children age 4 -7 years old, and is designed to meet your child’s individual learning needs using a combination of Montessori & mindfulness curriculum in the areas of reading, mathematics, Earth sciences, biology as well as body & mind awareness.

Our weekly 45 minute sessions are conducted as either 1-on-1 or small group learning environments, depending on your preference and your child’s needs.

Tutoring is a collaborative learning process that involves a focus on key areas for growth & improvement, with progress measured by parents & school teachers over time. As you track your child’s progress in school, we will work with you to adjust focus areas and help your child build competency where it’s needed the most.

We encourage parents to participate in the online tutoring process and to get engaged in their child’s learning process, and we’re focused on providing the highest quality online tutoring available at affordable prices that are accessible to any parent or guardian.

Example Topics

  • Kindergarten & elementary reading & comprehension skills
  • Mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.
  • Earth science & the solar system.
  • Biology and the study of living things.
  • Body & mind awareness to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.