Welcome To The 2020-21 School Year!

Hello Parents and Guardians! Welcome to the 2020-21 school year. We are so thankful that you enrolled your child in Amity Montessori, and look forward to teaching your child with you.

We are starting this school year during a stressful time, but we want to provide a well rounded, positive learning experience for your child as they begin their education. We have put together an online preschool program to fill a need for young students, and our program will continue to evolve as we have more time and feedback to fine tune things. For any big updates, we will include that in our monthly newsletter and on our youtube channel. We appreciate your understanding as we grow together.

Things you’ll need for September through December:

Kitchen Utensils, Cups, Bowls, Containers: Various sizes and fun designs, Apples, Flour/Flour substitute, Trays, Rice or beans, Other items will be needed for the cooking videos, ingredients are listed in the video descriptions. A printer for pdf downloads.

September Lessons:

  • Welcome to our online preschool Getting to know each other Pouring lesson
  • Spooning lesson
  • Opening and closing lesson Names of apples
  • Parts of an apple (with & without cards) (Download file)
  • Life cycle of an apple / Apples are just like us

Extension videos:

  • Making Apple Nachos
  • Making Apple sauce
  • Apples (Book)
  • Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall (Book) Leaf print craft (Sept Seasonal craft) (Download file)