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Your child deserves the highest quality preschool education, and it needs to be safe and affordable. Amity Montessori was founded to answer your needs, by providing world-class education in an online Montessori preschool program that helps your child to learn, play, and connect with others from the safety of your own home.

Our program was developed by Fawn Ventura, a MACTE-certified Montessori teacher and the founder of Peace Arch Montessori preschool. We offer online preschool for children ages 3 to 6-years old to provide your child with a safe, fun & enriching experience built on the strong foundation of Montessori education.

Learning is a key part of your child’s preschool experience, and the skills they learn at Amity Montessori help them grow & develop intellectually and give them a future advantage in elementary, high-school, college, and beyond. Our online Montessori preschool programs provide an engaging environment to help your child to master the sensory, motor, social, and other modes of childhood learning, along with the alphabet, numbers, and other critical preschool skills.

Our program is based on Maria Montessori’s model for preschool-aged children, taking into account the nature of the young, absorbent mind and providing intellectual stimulation in the key areas for each of the sensitive periods that preschool child go through during normal childhood development. It’s also built on a six-year track record of excellence through Fawn’s work with Peace Arch Montessori, a 5-star rated traditional Montessori preschool in Washington State.


Fawn Ventura is the founder of Amity Montessori, an online Montessori preschool she created to provide the same fun, educational & enriching experience in an online environment that she has been providing for over 6 years as the founder of Peace Arch Montessori, a 5-star rated Montessori preschool located in Blaine, WA.

Fawn has over 18 years of experience in early childhood education. She originally immigrated from Thailand to study teaching, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Services & Administration from Khon Kaen University. She’s also a fully certified Montessori Teacher by Age of Montessori, founded by Dr. Elizabeth Caspari – a Montessori Accreditation Council (MACTE) approved program.

Fawn loves children, and has worked closely with preschool-aged children in the United States and abroad. She strives to apply the principles of Maria Montessori to help engage children age 3 to 6 years old in the online preschool learning process, and help them to achieve more learning than in the traditional Pre-K environment.

In addition to being a Montessori teacher & program coordinator Fawn also works in the local community, and coordinates extracurricular and enrichment activities for the school’s students, including field trips, special guest speakers, and dance & karate classes. She is also a Washington State certified Thai language interpreter.

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The Montessori method is a proven educational model based on principles of human learning and early childhood education developed nearly a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori. Parents of Montessori students swear by it, and the college performance of Montessori students stands as a testament to it’s effectiveness.

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Online Montessori Preschool & Kids Mindfulness

The Montessori Method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. This child-centered method of education emphasizes freedom, independence, and self-directed work as keys to effective learning. Children are encouraged to learn and play on their own, exploring their own interests and setting their own schedules. This form of self-directed learning helps children to solve problems creatively, and teaches them to take initiative rather than just waiting for instructions.

Dr. Montessori believed that children learn better when they’re choosing what to learn, and that philosophy is present in Montessori classrooms today. A Montessori classroom likely looks different than what you’re used to. Things that make it unique include activity stations for children to practice various exercises, group-based teaching instead of classroom lectures, and a holistic focus on the social, emotional, intellectual & physical development of children.

Montessori education differs from traditional schooling in many ways, but perhaps the most important is its focus on fostering the natural curiousity, exploration children go through during their natural stages of development. This model encompasses four avenues of learning: math, language, sensory and practical life. For instance, a student focusing on the practical life avenue may learn how to button buttons on a shirt, or how to pour a cup of rice into a bowl without making a mess.

Some of the Montessori method’s prestigious graduates include entertainers such as George Clooney, Helen Hunt & Dakota Fanning; technology magnates like Larry Page, Sergey Brin & Jeff Bezos, and business leaders such as management consultant Peter Drucker and Katherine Graham of the Washington Post. Other notable graduates include Princes William & Harry of the British royal family, former first-lady Jackie Kennedy, President Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton, and Prince George of Cambridge – to name only a few.

Amity Montessori embraces Montessori education in an online preschool program taught by Fawn Ventura. Our 45-minute virtual classroom session includes children participating in music & movement, interacting with the teacher, sharing thoughts, and learning Montessori education through games and fun activities, science & art experiments. We also have weekly theme learning and mindfulness for our heart, body and mind.

During each online Montessori preschool session we begins with basic social skills, allowing students to interact with the other children before beginning their lessons. Our daily lessons including math, reading, science and more by playing games, dancing and singing. We’ve found that children are excited to learn in this way and don’t feel as if they are doing work.

In addition to daily online preschool sessions, we provide parents with lists of materials that can find easily at home to help children practice hands-on Montessori learning. We also provide short video learning lessons each month. Parents will receive PDF learning packages; sensory, language, math and fun crafts activities which will be different themes each month. We want all of our students to have fun, to make friends and to feel belong in our online preschool community.

Our online Montessori preschool program includes practicing children’s mindfulness, which involves slowing down & paying full attention to your environment. Our mindfulness focus is on breathing, recognize how their bodies feel and notice their surroundings. Fawn is a certified Mindfulness educator through the Mindful Schools program, we incorporate this into our online preschool program to help children build awareness, self-confidence, and focus. We have found that even young children have the ability to practice mindfulness and that it is a valuable part of our online preschool program.