Online Preschool

Online Preschool

Enroll your child in our Montessori online preschool program!

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Online Preschool Program

Our 45-minute virtual classroom session includes children participating in music & movement, interacting with the teacher, sharing thoughts, learning fun Montessori education through games & fun activities, science & art experiments, weekly theme learning, and mindfulness for our heart, body and mind.

Parents are encouraged to collaborate with the teacher to help children learn effectively. Parents will receive the lists of materials that they can find easily at home to help children practice hands on Montessori work. We also provide short video learning lessons each month.

Parents will receive PDF learning packages; sensory, language, math and fun crafts activities which will be different themes each month. We want all of our students to have fun, to make friends and to feel belong in the online classroom community.

Online Preschool Benefits

The online preschool program from Amity Montessori offers your child a number of benefits, including:

  1. Contemporary Learning:  Our online preschool program utilizes the latest learning techniques & methods to help educate your preschool child on all the proper subjects in early childhood education to help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond.
  2. Better Socialization: Children in preschool demonstrate high levels of social competence – self-esteem, social behavior, and motivation – a critical predicator of adult adaptation.
  3. Key Concepts: In our online preschool program, children learn key concepts for language, mathematics, socialization, and even science and geography.
  4. Love of Learning: Children will have a respect for their teachers, their peers, and their community. They will have a love for learning and have learned to love themselves.
  5. It’s Fun & Exciting! Our online preschool program is full of positive energy and children look forward to attending it. Our goal is to keep them engaged, excited, and motivated to learn!

Example Projects

  • Getting to know each other, learning about grace and courtesy.
  • Drawing, tracing and cutting out shapes, numbers, & letters.
  • Living and non-living things.
  • All about apples!
  • Learning about sunflowers.
  • Mindful movement for a healthy heart, body and mind.