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Online Montessori Preschool

Our online Montessori preschool program is for children age 3.5 -5.5 years old, and is designed to meet your child’s individual learning needs using a combination of Montessori & mindfulness curriculum in the areas of reading, mathematics, Earth sciences, biology as well as body & mind awareness.

Our 45 minute sessions are conducted three times a week in small group learning environments, and covers the essentials of Montessori education in an online preschool learning environment.

The Montessori Method is a highly effective learning process that involves a focus on the four learning avenues of Language, Mathematics, Practical Life and Sensorial Development, and our program includes modern cultural & scientific components as well.

We encourage parents to participate in the online Montessori preschool classes and to get engaged in their child’s learning process, and we’re focused on providing the highest quality online Montessori education available at affordable prices that are accessible to any parent or guardian.

Benefits of Online Montessori

The online Montessori program from Amity Montessori offers your child a number of benefits, including:

  1. Classic Learning: Our online Montessori program is based on is based on Maria Montessori’s model for preschool-aged children and taught by Fawn Ventura, a MACTE-certified Montessori teacher and the founder of Peace Arch Montessori preschool with over 18 years experience in early childhood education.
  2. Improved Language Skills: Montessori language education includes the phonics reading method, which helps preschoo children learn the sounds of letters and understand how these sounds are used individually, in groups and whole words.
  3. Improved Mathematics Skills: In our online Montessori preschool, we’ll engage children with demonstrations of the blocks, beads, and other learning materials designed to help children learn the fundamentals of mathematics.
  4. Improved Spatial Reasoning: The puzzles, blocks, counting games, and other activities we cover in our online Montessori preschool program help build solid foundations for strong spatial reasoning skills.
  5. Introduction to the Culture: Enrich your child’s mind with the contemporary Montessori culture learning avenue, which includes art, music, geography, studying the solar system, and much more.

Example Topics

  • Kindergarten & elementary reading & comprehension skills
  • Mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.
  • Earth science & the solar system.
  • Biology and the study of living things.
  • Body & mind awareness to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.